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Yulonghongda Machinery Brand Introduce

Tianjin Yulong Hongda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise registered and approved by relevant state departments. A high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design and production of special machinery and equipment. Relying on science and technology for development, and constantly providing users with satisfactory high-tech products is our constant pursuit.

Our company started research and development in 2009. In 2013, we successfully developed a fully automatic intelligent grinding machine, a double-station automatic intelligent grinding machine, a fully automatic intelligent cutting machine, and launched it in the market in 2014. Subsequently, the welding robot production line, the robot small workpiece automatic grinding station and the robot large workpiece automatic grinding station, the robot automatic spraying station, the pouring riser separator, the medium hole cutting machine, the diamond grinding machine, the diamond grinding head, the pneumatic tools, etc. A range of products. With excellent product quality and superb technical service, it has been trusted and praised by users. The company regards integrity, quality, innovation and service as its business philosophy, and mainly expands its business in the fields of foundry machinery and non-standard equipment. It improves the automation and intelligence level of the post-treatment process of castings, reduces labor intensity, energy saving, environmental protection, improves production efficiency and reduces scrap rate. With the technical level of well-known foreign manufacturers, we use smart equipment and technology to solve the problems of post-casting treatment and realize the modern intelligent industry with high quality, high efficiency and zero pollution.

With the scientific research team and technical standards, the company provides customers with the planning, design, manufacture, and solving technical problems of non-standard equipment, and constantly develops and innovates, with technology as the core, quality as the life, and users as the god.

Provide new and old customers with technical support for various projects and high-quality product design and manufacturing. Welcome new and old customers to choose our company's products!


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Complete range, complete and complete

The company successfully developed a fully automatic intelligent grinding machine, double-station automatic intelligent grinding machine, automatic intelligent cutting machine, pouring riser separator, medium hole cutting machine, diamond grinder, diamond grinding head, pneumatic tools, etc. Series products. With high-quality product quality and superb technical services, it has been trusted and praised by users.


Independent research and development

The fully automatic intelligent casting grinding machine independently produced by our company is rated as high-quality products after being appraised by experts in the pneumatic tool industry, and is well-known in the industry. Yulong Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd. has established a “five high” standard with high starting point, high target, high quality, high technology and high service, forging good quality products and obtaining a broad sales market. The fully automatic intelligent casting grinding machine is mainly used for the finishing and surface polishing of the mold industry, and is favored by the majority of demand groups in the country.


Convenient distribution, service first

We insist that any organization, process and system established within the company must be based on providing better service to customers. In order to enable customers to receive goods quickly, we adopt land transportation; water transportation; air transportation logistics. Distribution, with many customers across the country. Yulong Hongda Machinery and Equipment is pursuing the spirit of mutual benefit, honesty and trustworthiness and active development. It wins the market with high-quality automatic intelligent casting grinding machine, excellent service and fair price.


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